Updated Query

Dear Chuck Sambuchino:

A disheartened immortal craves the final death; instead, he is cast into the body of Prince SYJER when the body he occupies is killed.

THE RETURNING, my 125,000-word fantasy novel, chronicles Syjer’s struggle against the wish for anonymity and the people’s need for a leader against the deranged King.

Haunted by memories of solitary lives lacking purpose, he must face the challenge and unite The Ten Clans against a brother, likewise cursed with immortality, who absorbs the King and is determined to destroy an entire culture.

Aligned with the aloof all-female clan, Syjer is forced to battle external clan strife, feuding philosophies and prejudices beneath the shroud of an upcoming civil war. Complicating matters is his growing love for a woman from a previous life who now regards him with disdain.

A growing threat unaware to all but him rages to not only conquer the land, but the entire world, and it grows ever stronger.

To ensure the safety of this world and his people, Syjer must accomplish what seems impossible: kill a man who cannot die.

My short stories have appeared in Women’s World and various zines; non-fiction in Triathalon, City Escort, as well as newspaper articles, features and columns. Work experience encompasses ownership and management of several small companies, customer service and marketing, all of which comprised teaching, instruction, and speaking to large groups.

I am sending this query for the first book in a proposed trilogy because of your continued assistance helping writers improve their craft. The completed novel is available upon request.

Thank you for your consideration,

Rick C. Langford


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