Welcome to the Knights of Writ blog where we will do battle against all things that plague writers. With your help, we can all learn to improve the skills to which we aspire … better writing.

In the beginning (and there is always a beginning–think of the black marks that change blank white paper into a thing of wonder), I will share viewpoints, helps, observations and more about the unique universe encompassing the World of Writ. As we progress together, more ideas and helps and gems will be shared by others in an effort to reach our individual goal–improvement. No matter where one begins, improvement is key and always possible. Not such a lofty goal, but one that will reap tremendous benefits. We can do this.

Who the heck is this guy? you ask. Suffice it to say that my name is Rick, I have published some (yes, and been paid for it), and like all who dream of being a better wordsmith, live in a cave illuminated by my monitor while I peck away and try to mold the thoughts and descriptions into something coherent and entertaining.
A bit more about me here.


Attacking Writer’s Block
Rejecting Rejection
Time as an Ally
Writer’s Three Hats
Setting up a Plot Perimeter
Rewriting Again and Again

… and any other fun ones that present themselves during discussions.

Nobody’s going to tell you about their breakfast or their hot date last night, nor will we meander through the swamps of pop culture unless it involves a plot, character or theme in a piece of writing. I figure that’s reasonable.

I will use examples of my writing to explain certain aspects of the craft that I have and still deal with, how I pondered a particular character trait, scene, or story development, and worked to improve it. You will see my strengths and my flaws, and with your help, the latter will become less frequent. We are here to help each other, and this is the beginning of a journey that you can join and become an integral part. I ask others to bare themselves and, together, we learn and grow. Please feel free to post your thoughts!

Now, in lieu of “free” time availing itself, I shall leave you to pound the keyboard and enter my shrouded world of the hardest thing that I’ve ever loved. Go write—that’s the only way to improve.

3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Very cool

  2. Great blog! A great source of information. Thanks.

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