Challenge and Free Offer

KnightsofwritI want to read your writing. Because of the courage needed to let another read your writing, I make this promise: I will give you honest feedback, pointing out the good and not-so-good (in my humble opinion), and I will be gentle and truthful. Understand, I am far from infallible. The purpose of this exercise is five-fold:

  1. You send your work out–no one will ever see it if you don’t.
  2. You get unbiased feedback–essential to a writer’s growth.
  3. You garner a different point of view about your work–the way a reader will            perceive your art.
  4. You pay nothing. Well, it does cost courage, but we could all use more                            courage.
  5. I get the exhilaration of helping a fellow wordsmith.

There is nothing to lose but fear.

A few guidelines and promises:

I will be the only one to see your writing.

No one will take your idea–I have too many of my own as it is.

Please keep it about 1,000 words so I can respond more promptly and so that I have time to offer assistance to others.

Send by email (in the body-NO attachments) to Put “My Writing” in the subject line–I do not want to miss it amongst all the other email I receive daily.

Accepting parts of short stories and novels (preferably the opening). At this time, do not send agent queries or synopsis–the purpose is to read your fiction.

I understand if you are hesitant. Perhaps getting to know me will help you decide. About Me is a starting point, and pages such as Writer’s Three Hats and Getting Started will give you an idea how I view writing as an art form.

It would not be fair of me to see your writing and you unable to see mine. To be equal in this endeavor, you can find examples of my fiction here. Please feel free to comment or critique as you like–a thickening skin is part of an author’s armor.

I sincerely hope that, together, we can both improve our writing.

Until next time, keep writing every day.


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