Life, It Is a Changin’ . . . and an Invitation

*** A Pause in Regular Programming for the Following Announcement ***

After months of deliberation and soul-searching, my wife and I have decided it is time for me to retire . . .

For the last 7 years, I have worked remotely from home for a Fortune 500 company—the above is the email I sent to my manager on September 22, 2017, the first day of Autumn, which I thought appropriate.

The cold touch of technology as the sky darkens and the clouds weep.

In my heart, the sun bursts forth and banishes the gloom—Full-Time Writer!

My mind is a flurry of ideas, to-do lists, and exhilaration of increased time to do what I love—Write On!

I’m giddy with expectation, the thrill of writing challenges laid before me, the only requirements on my time those given to myself (probably with a few “honey do’s” thrown in along the way).

I do not write this as a boasting, but sheer glee after having inhabited the working world for 50 years, about half owning my own businesses. I understand self-motivation and keeping the fires of internal drive hot and glowing.

Knights of Writ will benefit from the additional time now allotted me.

Over the next few months KOW will be upgraded, new features added, links to agents, magazines, and publishers looking for your writing a regular occurrence; writing quotes will return from a too-long hiatus (for we all need a little inspiration once in a while), and other items to help writers grow their craft.

I started Knights of Writ — Fiction Musings for one main reason: to help writers who struggle to create cohesive stories people want to read.

I continued to see the same problems with unpublished stories (or those self-published), whether a short variety or longer novels. I began to make a list of the reasons for the probable failings: cardboard characters, too much backfill, not starting off with an explosion, poor crafting, etc. Sadly, too many published stories also plummet into the same abyss I call The Boredom Chasm.

I scoured the internet daily for writing helps, insightful blogs and sites to assist writers to become better. I found little helpful information dealing with the nuts and bolts of our chosen field. I needed to return to published books about writing in a constant pursuit to improve my skills.

I had too many questions that were not being answered online, and I knew by discussions and correspondence that other writers had the same questions. So I studied, re-read the slew of writing books stacked on my bookshelf, preparing myself in an effort to become a better writer and help others.

Unlike many bloggers, I purposely chose not to name the blog after myself because Knights of Writ is not about me—its about the craft.

I get great joy when a writer responds to the posts, not as a shot of ego boost, but because my humble words impacted another … this is the reason we write. I have been deeply impacted by other writer’s ideas as well.

I have been writing since I was a young child, have sold both fiction and non-fiction, and gleaned a few things along the way. I share the knowledge, in part, to help others reach their goals a bit sooner than I did—that is my hope. I wish there had been more available earlier in my career.

Knights of Writ is an opportunity, a place for writers to meet and share their insights, and all are welcome.

Sign up for Knights of Writ and watch the upcoming changes arrive in your email, and by all means, respond whenever something touches you, for good or ill. We are all learning, will continue to do so if we approach writing with an open mind and fingers poised to create.

An Invitation To All Writers

I want to hear from you; I want to know what troubles you the most, and together, perhaps we can tame the muse into a cooperative tool. So, a couple questions . . .

  1. What part of story creation frustrates you the most?

2. If you could understand and learn one thing to make your stories stronger, what would it be?

Email your answers—I will compile a list and do my best to answer the problems you indicate are the most bothersome. Simply type “Answers” in the subject line and email to I will respond, and by so doing, add you to my list to keep you apprised of forthcoming posts relating to your interests, and if applicable, provide links to other helpful places.

Growing as a writer is each of our goals, and then the dreams can come true.

See you on the next page,



Author: Rick "C" Langford

Writer, blogger, Business Owner, dreamer, and fantasy lover

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