Taming the Muse

The Muse is an unruly beast.

Writers love to talk about the Muse and how they wait for his appearance to tickle inspiration. I have learned to start without him. Being a jealous little bugger, he joins whenever my fingers tap the keyboard, offering input where appropriate. I found if I wait for him to appear in his own good time, he just sits by himself musing about how important he is.

I used to wait for the Muse, back when I produced little, drivel without consistency the norm, ideas and stories lacking continuity.

Writing every day tamed the Muse.

Several improvements arrived when applying the craft on a daily basis: stories were completed, characters took on life by adding flesh to their bones, Writer’s Block became a hazy memory, and the Muse turned from rapscallion to ally.

I am a proponent of the Write Every Day mantra, but only if you yearn to be a writer. If your desire to write some day is akin to, “One day I would like to visit Hawaii,” or “When I have time, I’ll take a pottery class,” then writing every day does not matter. For those of you who fall into the some day category, that is a choice you make, and it’s okay. Instead, turn on the TV and watch the Kardashians make a mockery of both entertainment and life.

For the rest of you, those who do want to write, many improvements happen when you write every day. For one, when the Muse is forced to appear or be left out, he will show up and offer his cooperation.

Whether you write 200 words or 2,000, whether a blog post, a single scene, or a snippet of dialogue, get those ideas out of your mind and into a tangible form every day, and amazing things happen.

Your skill improves, ideas will appear more fully formed, production increases (obvious, huh?), and Writer’s Block will be forgotten like pain long past.

The Muse goes by another name—Excuse.

Writers are masters of making excuses not to write. Why? Unlike many other professions, nobody lurks over a freelance writer’s shoulder prodding production, at least in the early stages of one’s career. Self-discipline and single-focused determination rules the day, or does not. The writer—and only the writer—decides when to write.

I challenge you to write each day this week. Take a ½ hour and do nothing but create. Great things will happen, and you will find the Muse becomes a trusted companion. I guarantee it.

See you on the next page,


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Author: Rick "C" Langford

Writer, blogger, Business Owner, dreamer, and fantasy lover

2 thoughts on “Taming the Muse”

  1. I recently had a poem published about my muse, called “gaunt.” I pictured her as a starving wolf who waits across the fire from me. I ended with ‘we’ll be friends, a pack of two, or one will kill the other.”

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