Beware of Writer Blogs

During my search for this week’s useful links, I found several that were not, which required I publish this post in lieu of what I had planned.

There are many so-called “writing blogs.” Many I found are little more than motivational hoopla designed to get you, the writer, excited about writing–and then try to sell you something other than their book. They will tell you to call yourself a writer, and thereby, you are. This is a lie. You are a writer only if you write.

The people operating the blogs cater to the millions of would-be writers who actually do little to improve their craft–you know, write. These blogs attempt to convince the writing dreamers that building a platform is the coveted “mystery” on how to succeed as a writer, and by God, they know how to accomplish this, and they are the only one that can help you be successful. “I failed 9 times, but finally I learned, and I can teach you how to build a following of 1,000, 10,000, even 100,000 just like me, without the pain and disappointment I experienced.”

carnival_barker“You must listen to me, or you will fail” begins as a whisper and ends as a shout: “Not only do you get this, but you get that at no extra charge.” Reminiscent of the carnival barker or late night Infomercials that will clear your acne, clean your colon, show you how easy it is (with virtually no money down) to buy and sell houses. They did it, why can’t you? Because, dear friend, many of them did not, at least to the degree matching their claims.

The marketers will add quotes from participants whose lives were changed by their exclusive course and are now rolling down easy street without a care in the world. However, they will not tell you about the majority of “students” that wasted the $500 for the marketing program promoted under the guise of writing.

The operators of these blogs are building their business and little of it has to do with writing. I have owned several small businesses with my wife, been in sales; I know the tactic. And don’t get me wrong, purchasing information can be valuable. Several years ago, I took a Writer’s Digest Course; the story I crafted for the class sold to Women’s World prior to class completion. (You can read “The Accomplice” here).

The Knights of Writ is geared toward improving the writing, word by word. To me, that remains the most essential, the most fundamental ingredient if you actually want your words read by the world and not just a few family members and friends.

I make this promise to you, dear reader: I will not provide links to these Self-Help gurus who offer to fix everything for you, when in actuality, they are simply building a business on the hopes and dreams of wishful thinking. No, links here will be from real writers and agents, people who, like you, are driven by passion for the writing craft. (If I inadvertently add the wrong type, please let me know–the link will be removed).

Now, go write the story tickling your subconscious or the novel that must be written, the one that only you can write.



Author: Rick "C" Langford

Writer, blogger, Business Owner, dreamer, and fantasy lover

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