Do Not Read This Post . . . unless you are a writer

This week’s Quote from yours truly:
“If there are no hurdles in your life, you are not running the race.”


Today’s post involves a Free Offer and A Challenge.

A writer must share. After all, having your prose read by others is the whole point, right?

Whether a new writer, a student standing in front of a class with quivering pages, or a professional whose published works have received praise and accolades, doubt plagues all writers. A simple fact huddling in the shadowed fringes of your mind, doubt is a beast that travels with its offspring, fear.

Sharing one’s writing is akin to preparing for a job interview. You shower your writing with powerful words and images, you shave the unnecessary adverbs and adjectives, and you dress the manuscript with thoughtful observations and sizzling action. The final phase–arriving at the interview itself–causes a jumpy stomach, sweaty palms, each instant magnified in slow motion detail. You must do it for a number of good reasons, and fear must not overcome the common sense of doing what is hard to do–in this case, sharing your writing with others.

I want to help you overcome your fear. To do so, I have a challenge and an offer–it will not cost you a penny.

I challenge you to share your writing. Perhaps you have to some degree, maybe to a close friend or loved one. Potentially dangerous waters, but one all writers cross at some point. What I am talking about here, though, is sharing your writing with other writers, sharing with like-minded people who each deal with the same issues day in and day out while hunched over their keyboard, alone.

Like any time you do something new (team sports, skiing, asking the popular girl/boy to the dance), there lies an element of fear. We have all experienced the awkward moments, the time you blurted out something stupid that kept you awake all night. You are reading this, so those regretful moments did not kill you. Looking back now, was the lapse of calm judgment really that bad?

To take the challenge and advantage of the Free Offer, follow this Link.

This Weeks Links and Notes:

Tomorrow is the day to submit a 35 word “pitch” to agents and editors

Links thanks to Nephele
Donald Maas on the Plot Driven novel
Fantasy Novels that do not have sequels
Where ideas come from by Ursula K. LeGuin


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