Half way through NANOWRIMO. Hope your novel is progressing well. Again, the most important thing is to write everyday–750 words, 2,000 words; it is all progress.

Like most writers, I read a great deal about writing. Next week I will be posting a list of my favorite “How to Write Books.” You will no doubt be familiar with many of them, but there may appear a new one that will help improve your craft.

The Iowa University online class, How Writers Write, slipped into its last week; scuttlebutt is that they will offer it again next year, before summer. I will keep you updated–it is a program worth researching.

Speaking of researching, I am currently test driving a new Writing Tool, a new Word Processor that, I am told, will make me forever give up Microsoft Word. The new tool is called Scrivener. First look at the program shows promise, but I tend to be a stuck-in-my-ways type of person, so we will see. Updates will follow. Being National Novel Writing Month, I will not be able to take a closer look until next month.

On a more personal note, I have completed my fantasy novel, The Returning, and would appreciate honest feedback. If you would like to receive the Prologue and first two chapters, email me at Knightsofwrit@yahoo.com. Please put the word, Request, in the subject line. I will send by Word document attachment. Any constructive criticism (or praise) is eagerly desired.

For now, keep writing and don’t forget to leave comments, ideas, suggestions–all are encouraged.