No Writer Is An Island

Writing is a lonely endeavor. Hours at the keyboard may give you the delusion that you are alone in the venture–you are not. Instances and memories you draw from include other people, and from those people and those experiences, you develop characters, plots, scenes, conflicts, philosophies, even themes for your writing. No Writer is an Island–it just seems so.

Over the last month I have been participating in the University of Iowa‘s How Writers Write Program. The lessons are geared toward stretching out, trying different things as a writer–creating in first person viewpoint when you normally write in third person, attempting mystery rather than fantasy. Critiquing and having your work critiqued is a course staple, though not required.

It is a place where writers gather and share their thoughts, fears, and hopes with other like-minded creators. It is a great learning experience, and I will miss it when it completes in the next couple of weeks.

A week into NANOWRIMO reminded me once again that writers need other writers. The pains and pitfalls of writing is something we all share, and it is comforting to know that you are not alone despite being sequestered in front of the keyboard.

Creating is a lonely pastime, but one so rich in reward. All writers face nagging questions, not only about their craft, but also–and more importantly–about themselves. Your experiences, your viewpoints, and your perceptions make you who you are, and the writer you want to be.

I started this blog as a place where writers can meet and share, where one writer’s experience will help another facing a similar dilemma. Writing is all about growth and improvement on a daily basis.

 Join us a Knights of Writ as we do battle against the many topics that plague writers. Don’t stay on your island, alone; share your own writing experiences, either a subject that is nagging at you, or an experience that may assist others. Your unique viewpoint is valuable, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and insights.