Novel Writing Month

Today begins National Novel Writing Month, NANOWRIMO for short. If you are not familiar with this worldwide writing community that last year included over 300,000 participants, you are not alone; though I heard whispers of it in the past (the non-profit began in 1999), this is the first year I am participating.

What is it?

The goal is to write 50,000 words during the month of November, thereby finishing a novel, albeit a short one. The main thrust is to write everyday, to finish a first draft during November. A First Draft. To do so, writers must refrain from wearing the critic’s hat, acknowledge that the first draft is mostly going to be garbage (revision is the key to writing, after all), and write everyday. Let me repeat the last part because it is the most important facet–WRITE EVERY DAY.

Writing every day is crucial, not only during the National Novel Writing Month, but every month, every year, every decade–it is how one improves.

NANOWRIMO inspires writers to write every day. It is not essential that you complete 50,000 words–writers do not normally have a manager peering over their shoulder at their progress like other professions–only that you get in the habit of writing everyday. I preach it, other writers preach it–those in the pews awaiting the “muse” to strike grow old wondering why their dreams of writing lay in tattered waste.

Learn more about National Novel Writing Month here.

Now go write.



Author: Rick "C" Langford

Writer, blogger, Business Owner, dreamer, and fantasy lover

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